November 13- This week, the EU countries and the European Parliament reached agreement on the new Multi Annual Financial Framework (MFF). For Horizon Europe this means an extra budget of four billion euros. The simple fact that we have an agreement also gives relief that the new framework program can start without delay.

On the other hand, there is also some disappointment about the size of the budget. In May, the European Commission had proposed a budget of € 94.4 billion for the new Horizon Europe program. With the agreement reached by the EU member states on the € 750 billion Corona recovery fund this summer, only € 80.9 billion was left. Now, after months of intensive negotiations, an agreement in principle is agreed upon. With an additional 4 billion euros, there will be a final Horizon Europe budget of 84.9 billion euros.

The agreement reached on Horizon Europe is part of the new Multi Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027. Including the extra budget for Horizon Europe, a total of 15 billion euros will be added for fifteen future-oriented European programs (flagships). Of the additional EUR 15 billion, EUR 12.5 billion is new money, mainly from competition fines imposed by the Commission. The remaining 2.5 billion euros will be released by shifting budget items. With the agreements made, the new EU budget for 2021-2027 will be increased by 12.5 billion euros from the previously agreed EUR 1,074 billion to more than EUR 1,086 billion. The member states and their national parliaments still have to agree to the agreement.

The challenge now will be to figure out how to distribute the resources within Horizon Europe fairly, among the work-programs, the partnership instruments, the European Research Council, the new fact-finding missions and the European Innovation Council. Making sure that a fair part of the resources will be spend on Global Health related activities and research with a relevant impact on the SDGs should be EGRHIN’s focus for upcoming months.

We follow developments within Horizon Europe closely and inform you immediately as soon as there are new developments. Do you have questions about Horizon Europe or would you like to give specific input on the work programs? Get in touch with us…

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