July 21st 2020 – EU leaders have agreed on a budget of €80.9 billion for the Horizon Europe research programme, in the fifth day of a marathon summit to debate the EU’s long-term budget and a post-pandemic economic recovery plan, according to the Internet newsoutlet ScienceBusiness.

The final figure is significantly lower than a proposal of €94.4 billion put forward by the European Commission in May, as the budget for the R&D programme has been cut multiple times throughout the summit.

The core programme of Horizon Europe will be allocated €75.9 billion and a €5 billion boost from the pandemic recovery fund.

According to ScienceBusiness the impact on research and innovation is complex. The shuffling of grants to loans in the pandemic programme would mean cutting by €8.5 billion a special €13.5 billion boost to Horizon Europe that the Commission had proposed.

As the grants portion was cut further, other programmes with important innovation components also saw their budget slashed. The EU4Health programme has been cut down to €1.67 billion, from €9.4 billion proposed in May.

During the coming months, EGHRIN will focus on engaging with relevant stakeholders to ensure that sufficient budgets are available for Global Health research.



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