July 15th 2020 – The European Commission has proposed a new, ambitious stand-alone health programme for the 2021-2027 period – the EU4Health Programme.

The new Program will be essential in making sure that the Europe EU remains the healthiest region in the world that, has all possible tools available to address health challenges at national and EU level and  could be is prepared for any new emerging health threat that may endanger the population of the EU in the upcoming years.

While the EU4Health program focuses on the health of Europe’s population, Global Health challenges thus need global approaches and solutions, as it has been shown with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This in turn requires global efforts in research and innovation.

EGHRIN promotes international cooperation to create synergies in Global Health to maximise the impact of research and innovation

In this context EGHRIN makes a plea that the commission invests in the following Global Health needs:

  • more global coordination during a health crisis;
  • more capacity at global level to prepare for and to fight health crises; and
  • more investment in health systems to make sure they are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

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