In the blink of an eye, 10 years have passed since Professor Joep Lange formally established the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development. What began as a small group of scientists has grown into a diverse, thriving interdisciplinary institute with expertise that spans across several faculties at the two Amsterdam universities.

Since their first project in 2009, AIGHD provided a collaborative, open space for scientists from a range of disciplines – biomedical, economics, medical anthropologists, social epidemiologists – to sit side-by-side to undertake interdisciplinary research. AIGHD has developed a reputation for bringing diverse expertise together and tying it together through the fields of global health and development.

This interdisciplinary team is supported by an expert team of project managers and support staff, which enables the researchers to undertake groundbreaking projects, facilitate first-rate education and advocate for policy on a world stage. It’s this unique set up which has allowed our institute to achieve significant impact in just 10 short years: We’d undertaken more than 130 projects and researchers working through AIGHD publish more than 120 articles each year in peer-reviewed journals.

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