In crucial committee vote on the future EU research programme Horizon Europe, Members of the European Parliament call for more public funding to address the burden of AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other neglected tropical diseases.

Brussels, December 12, 2018In Strasbourg today, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to endorse an ambitious EU research agenda for the next decade. In doing so, a massive majority of MEPs have positioned the European Parliament in favor of a Horizon Europe research programme that calls for increased public investment to address the burden of poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases – HIV & AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria – as well calling for an increase in the overall research budget from €90bn to €120bn.

Source DSW Press Release

Recently, EGHRIN became aware that the Austrian presidency of the European Council will not be able to negotiate on that figure because finance ministers have yet to decide on the EU’s multiannual financial framework (MFF) and how it will be structured after Brexit.

The Austrian presidency is receiving pressure from many sides to conclude as many dossiers as possible ahead of the European Parliament elections next spring. This slows down decisions on Horizon Europe.

However, the commission is confident that council negotiations on Horizon Europe will be concluded by March 2019. The negotiations will be “ready in time” for the elections, said Signe Ratso, deputy director-general at the commission’s DG Research and Innovation in an conversation with the website Science Business.

EGHRIN members will continue to talk to relevant stakeholders to ensure that during the strategic planning process of Horizon Europe, global health matters are being addressed and incorporated into the Horizon Europe program.

Source Science Bussines

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